LMA –  Le Monde Analogue

Le Monde Analogue is community that welcomes analog photography enthusiasts and features the high-quality analog photography.

The community promotes the medium of film photography and the love for anticipation of the captured moments that arise from a developed photographic film.

We have teamed up to build a project that would open the process of art creation to the people from the streets in cities worldwide. This project promotes a concept where urban analog photographs are decorated with visual art inspired by graffiti during a public performance.

Main concepts

Abandon the anonymity



We are bringing the street to the art gallery in the form of photography. Like a Canvas, street artists find space where their art is not persecuted, criminalized, or destroyed by urban standardization – therefore, abandon anonymity.


We are addressing the difficulties of collaborative work in a field where subjectivity and freedom are central. The photographer allows his art to be modified by the graffiti line, and the street artist must respect the essence of the photography. In other words – both sacrifice freedom for a meta artwork that combines two differently focused art styles.

Loss of street art in urban standards


When the individual photographs are separated from the gravitational center of the graffiti, the idea of ​​a whole is dismantled but forever marked with the shared memory. In short, the collaboration between graffiti and analog photography is a natural one, and both share the unpredictability of their results.

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