About us


Anita Krisko

photographer, street artist and biologist.

She lives in Göttingen since 2017.  With her photographs, she won a silver award in an international competition of fine art. Her photos were featured in the Spanish fashion magazine, Veces, and in Film Without Frontiers. She had two solo exhibitions in Paris, as well as participated in group exhibitions in California, Germany, Portugal and Croatia.

She is passionate about street photography and loves to present the complexity of street life through double exposures.

Her graffiti can be found in the streets of Göttingen, Berlin and Paris.

Jadranka Kljajic

is a photographer and multimedia artist based in Split, Croatia.

Her main focus lies in people and places, choosing local surroundings as inspiration. She prefers the emotion analog photography brings but is at the same time not limited in her techniques.

Her work has been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.


Nicolás Lemus

is a Colombian-born researcher and physician who now lives in Göttingen, Germany.

As an autodidact philosopher and conceptual artist, interested in photography and visual arts, he uses this medium to improve life quality.

His work was published in Film Without Frontiers Magazine. His photographs were a part of group exhibitions in Germany and Portugal.

Mandy Mong-Quyen Mai

is a project manager at LMA who lives in Göttingen, Germany.

She uses digital photography and analog photography to give people insight into different parts of her life and show through her lens the connection between cities, people, and nature.