LMA invites photographers to submit their work

During the pandemic, the entire world went through a communal experience and it required a response from humans as a species. While we are biologically all the same, we were obliged to separate from each other to protect ourselves and to experience that we all responded very differently, differentiated by personal preferences and by nation. At the same time, communal work brought us very fast to medical and organizational progress, however different between countries. In this exhibition we want to bring together an international testimony of how your cities dealt with the pandemic, in collaboration with graffiti, an

Photo by François Durand

art form present since the caves in the paleolithic era. The installation we want to build will show us that we are separated as nations, but united as a species during the pandemic. Show us your streets during the pandemic and postpandemic times! Maybe you want to show that things have change, or maybe you prefer to state that everything is anyway the same. Either way, join us in this unique experience! We are looking for submissions from all photographers who are interested in film photography and this particular subject. Only selected images will be presented at the event/exhibition.

Submission deadline

December 20, 2022


All entrants will be notified 7 – 10 days after the deadline

Submission rules and guidelines
  • There is no entry fee for submissions, but if your picture is selected, you will be asked to cover the participation fee of 20 Euro.
  • We accept only single entries, however multiple single entries are possible.
  • Pictures should be taken no earlier than 2020.
  • This call for entries is competitive; entrants are not guaranteed inclusion in the exhibition by submitting an entry. Depending on the number and the quality of the entries received, the work of an entrant may or may not be curated into the show. The selection of the jury is final.
  • There is only one way to submit your work:
  • By submitting your work, you acknowledge that you agree with our rules and guidelines.
  • All photographers 18 years or older worldwide may enter the competition by submitting their own, original work.
  • LMA welcomes submissions from, and exhibits work from both emerging and established photographers.
  • By entering, entrants automatically accept the conditions of the competition; they grant LMA non-exclusive right to use and reproduce submitted photographs (with the name of the photographer and the title of the work indicated) for promotional (e.g.: website and Facebook page of the LMA, catalogue) and exhibition purposes. No royalties or compensation will be paid for these purposes. The photographer retains all copyrights and ownership of the works. Entrants assume and accept all legal and financial responsibility for any infringement on the privacy rights or copyright of others, caused by creating or presenting their work in public. LMA retains the right to exclude from the competition entries that violate the conditions of the competition and ones that violate any human or privacy rights.
When your work is selected for the exhibition
  • Entrants selected for the exhibition will be asked to provide a high-resolution TIFF (or JPEG) file for us to have their photograph printed onto canvas.
  • Selected entrants will be asked to agree that an intervention of a street artist is made on the prints of their photographs. In this way, a new unique artwork will be created, having two authors who will both be credited for the final artwork.
  • The final artwork will remain the property of LMA. LMA retains the right to sell the final artwork with the purpose of sustainability of the project and for the organization of the next event. However, the final artwork will first be offered for purchase to the authors themselves.
  • LMA will archive all photography exhibitions electronically, allowing us to promote our exhibiting photographers to curators, collectors as well as the viewing public. Our website also functions as a virtual gallery site, and all photographs included in our exhibitions will be published on the dedicated page of the exhibition.